Royal Artillery

Post-1850 Uniforms

Officer, 1860 Officer and Gunners, 1861
Royal Artillery, 1863
Gunner and Sergeant-Major, 1861 Officer, c1875
Non-Commissioned Officers, 1880
Gunners, 1880 Officer in Egypt, 1882
Officers of RA and RHA, 1886
Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery, c1889 Officer, Royal Garrison Artillery
Battery Cdr and Gun Detachment, 1891
Officer's Busby and Badge, c1875 Officer's Helmet
Officer's Foreign Service Helmet, 1890
Lieutenant's Uniform Officer's Tunic from Rear
Officer's Pillbox Forage Cap
Mountain Battery Officers, 1899 Officers in Undress Uniforms, 1900
Bombadier, Walking Out Order, c1904
Collar Makers, 1881

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by Stephen Luscombe