8th hussars

In Collaboration With Charles Griffin

Mounted Officer and Men c1823 Officer in Full dress c1825
Field Officer c1828
Officer and Private 1835 Officer c1833
Troop Sergeant-Major 1843
Officer's Jacket c1845 Private, Drill Order 1846
Officer's Shabraque c1850
Returning From Church 1850 Officer and Trumpeter 1852
Private, Review Order 1853
Seargeant-Major and Sergeant 1855 Private, Campaign Dress 1857
Cornet, Review Order 1868
Officers, 1870 Private, Marching Order 1885
Officer's Patrol Jacket c1890
Farrier, c1890 Lieutenant, Review Order c1895
Private, Review Order c1895
Regimental Sergeant-Major, Undress c1895 Patrol Jacket, front and back 1900
Officer, Undress 1898
Other Rank's Tunic Tent Hat
Regiment on Parade 1914
Sergeant, Battledress 1946 Coronation Detachment 1953
Warrant Officer, No.1 Dress 1954

Regimental details


by Stephen Luscombe