In Collaboration With Charles Griffin

Captain, Grenadier Company 1685 Grenadiers 1735
Grenadier, 1680
Belts Grenadiers 1751 and 1763
Private, Battalion Company 1742
Officer, c1765 Soldier's Coat 1772
Officer and Sergeant, 1792
Grenadier Sergeant, 1792 Buttons
Grenadier officer, 1796
Officers, 1803 Tailor's Pattern of Frock Coat c1800
Officer, 1808
Private, 1803 Private, 1808
Officers, c1815
Sergeant, Light Company 1815 Private, Battalion Company 1815
Sergeant, Grenadier Company 1816
Officer's Bearskin c1822 Field Officer, c1825
Officer's Shako c1822
Officer's Undress Coat c1825 Private's Coat c1826
Officer's Full Dress Coat c1821
Private, Marching Order, 1831 Officer's Epaulettes, c1835
Officer and Private c1830
Officer c1835 The Three Guards Regiments 1846
Officer's Coatee, c1835
Colour Sergeant, 1845 Officer, 1845
Other Ranks Coat, 1853
Sergeant, 1854 Officer, 1854
Officer, Full Dress 1855
Officers in the New Tunic 1855 Senior NCOs 1856
Other Ranks 1856
Guard Duty 1856 Pioneer and Privates 1856
Officer's Tunic 1856
Officer's Rank Badges c1860 Officer and Senior NCOs 1858
Other Ranks c1860
NCOs in Canada, 1863 Officer in Frockcoat c1870
Private's Tunic c1870
Officers with Colours c1870 Mounted Officer and Men c1870

Regimental Details


by Stephen Luscombe