The Gordons

In Collaboration With Charles Griffin

1st Battalion, Malta 1885 NCOs, Marching order 1885
Officer and Colour Sergeant c1890
Gordons All Ranks c1891 Other Ranks, 1894
Officer's Dirk
Officer's Sporrans Other Ranks Sporran
Private, Walking Out Dress
1st Battalion on Parade 1895 Sergeant, Mounted Infantry 1896
Officers, 1st Battalion, India 1896
Commanding Officer, Service Dress 1897 Corporal, Service Dress 1897
Officers, Various Orders of Dress c1898
Private's Khaki Doublet, 1899 Private, Service Dress 1900
Private, Tropical Dress 1905
Officers c1908 Officer and Private 1914
Privates, Marching Order 1939
Officers in Service Dress 1944 Review Order 1950
Officers, Ceremonial Dress 1955
Private, Ceremonial Dress 1955 Ceremonial Dress 1959
Colour Party 1974
Private, Service Dress 1992

Regimental Details


by Stephen Luscombe