Officer on Campaign 1879-84 Other Ranks 1882
Officers and Private, c1889
RSM, Full Dress c1881 Riflemen in Marching Order c1890
Officers and Private, c1889
Officer in Service Dress c1885 Officers in Mess Dress c1902
Pioneers c1886
Rifleman in Marching Order c1895 Officer and Other Ranks 1891
Field Officer in Undress 1902
Officers in Mess Dress c1902 Captain, Full Dress c1902
Officers and Rifleman 1904
Khaki Uniform Group 1910 Sergeant, Service Dress 1914
Officers' Astrakan Busbies 1912 and c1900
Rifleman, Tropical Service Dress c1922 Riflemen, 1798 and 1950
KRRC Postcards 1914

Regimental Details


by Stephen Luscombe