In Collaboration With Charles Griffin

Earliest Known Photograph, 1874 Constable, 1874
Officer's Undress Pillbox Cap, 1876
Officer in Undress, 1879 Officer in Full Dress, 1878
Staff Sergeant in Undress, 1879
Constable in Full Dress, 1879 Constable in Scarlet Serge, 1878
Staff Sergeant in Full Dress, 1886
Superintendant in Undress, 1890 Sergeant-Major in Undress, 1890
Constable's Tunic, 1882
Buttons Superintendant in Full Dress, 1886
Officer's Waistbelt Buckle
NWMP Constable, 1887 Constable at Regina, 1893
Constable in Patrol Dress, 1890
Other Ranks, 1897 Sergeants, 1897
Diamond Jubilee Contingent, 1897
Officers, 1897 Superintendent Full Dress, c1890
Mounted Superintendent and Sergeant Major, c1894
Sergent in Pea-Jacket, 1900 Constable in Pea-Jacket, 1912
NWMP Mess Kit, c1895
RNWMP Inspector in Full Dress, 1910 RCMP Assistant Commissioner, c1938
RCMP Corporal in Full Dress, c1925
Buffalo Coat, c1910 RNWMP Inspection, 1919
Coronation Contingent, 1937
Corporal in Battledress, 1943 Mess Kit, 1967
Superintendent in Review Order, 1967
Superintendent in Full Dress, 1967 Full Dress Waistbelt
RCMP Staff Sergeant, 1970
Constable, c1970 Constable's Uniform, c1980
Strathcona Boots
Officers' gold cord shoulder board Officers' gold and purple sword belt

Regimental details


by Stephen Luscombe