7th Hussars

7th Hussars' Band and Drumhorses

Drumhorse and Musicians 1853 All Ranks 1857
Drumhorse and Musicians 1876
Band in Undress c1870 Drumhorse 1874
Drumhorse c1880
Trumpeter c1880 Band in India 1888
Drumhorse c1898
Drumhorse and Band c1899 Trumpet-Major c1900
Trumpeters 1900
Bandsman c1902 Mounted Band c1908
Bandmaster c1910
Band at Brighton 1910 Drum Banner c1910
Band in India 1912
Bandmaster C V Richardson Drumhorse Shabraque
Band in Khaki 1930
Drumhorse 1932 String and Wind Band 1932
Band in Hong Kong 1956
Band in Hyde Park 1957 Band 1957
Drumhorse and Escort 1959

Regimental details


by Stephen Luscombe