7th Hussars

7th Hussars Colonels

Field-M Henry William Paget
Lt-Gen Sir James Kearney
20 Dec 1842
Gen Sir William Tuyll
10 Mar 1846
Gen James Alexander St Clair Erskine
27 Dec 1864
Gen Sir John Scott
17 Jun 1866
Gen Charles Hagart
19 Jan 1873
Gen Henry Roxby Benson
31 July 1879
Lt-Gen William Thomas Dickson
19 July 1884
Maj-Gen Robert Hale
12 Feb 1896
Maj-Gen Sir Hugh McCalmont
13 May 1907
Maj-Gen Alexander Augustus
Frederick William Alfred George Cambridge

1st Earl of Athlone
3 May 1924
Col Geoffrey Fielden
1 Sep 1946
Col Thomas Anson Thornton
31 May 1948
Maj-Gen Ralph Younger
6 Jan 1952

Regimental details

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