Lance-Corporal H Norton

H Norton was a silver and bronze medal winner at the Royal Tournament of 1936. He was a winner of the ‘Sword, Lance and Revolver’ category in that year. He has two stripes on each sleeve which, in the 2nd Dragoon Guards denoted the rank of lance-corporal.  Corporals had a crown badge above the stripes as did sergeants and above. He has badges for proficiency and skill at arms on his left arm.  The lower one is crossed swords with a crown above, for Best Swordsman in the Regiment, and in Each Squadron.  The badge above this looks like crossed rifles for Marksman. The photo is a detail from a group of medal winners taken in 1936.  An interesting article on the medals awarded at the Royal Tournament, written by Nick Martin, can be found at:  

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by Stephen Luscombe