2nd Dragoon Guards' (Queen's Bays) Musicians and Drumhorses

Trumpeter 1843
Bandsmen and Drumhorse 1853 Bandsmen and Drumhorse 1856
Band Sergeant 1865
Drumhorse and Musicians 1871 Mounted Trumpeter 1880
Mounted Band c1885
Trumpeter, Undress c1890 Drumhorse Full Dress c1898
Drumhorse Undress c1898
Band c1899 Musician, Review Order c1900
Trumpeter, Undress c1901
Drumhorse Postcard c1901 Mounted Trumpeter Postcard c1901
Drumhorse Postcard c1903
Band in South Africa 1905 Trumpet Banner c1906
Drum Banner 1910
Band in South Africa 1905 Mounted Band 1911
Drum Horse 1912
Band on Church Parade 1914 Band 1930
Drum Banner 1935
Drumhorse 1937 Trumpet-Major c1937
Band in Full Dress 1939
Trumpeters 1951

Regimental details


by Stephen Luscombe