Trumpet-Major c1937

A newspaper cutting from Godfrey Brennan�s Album that is without caption and date but must be another picture of Trumpet-Major Rutherford who rode the drumhorse in 1937. He is a percussion specialist as we can see in this photo where he plays the tubular bells at a public military display. His rank stripes, with crossed trumpets above, can be seen in this right-side profile. He does not wear gloves for this instrument.� The scarlet dress tunic is faced with white collar, cuffs and shoulder straps.� He has a white waist-belt and pouch-belt that supports a black leather Band Pouch. In the drumhorse photo he wore breeches and knee boots but here he has trousers as he is in dismounted review order. They are blue with a broad white stripe down the outside seam.

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by Stephen Luscombe