2nd Dragoon Guards' (Queen's Bays) Uniforms

Officer 1687 Private 1742
Private 1751
Officer 1765 Officer c1778
Officer 1799
Sergeant 1801 Private 1812
Officer 1824
Officer in Mounted Drill Order c1828 Officer in Full Dress Summer Uniform 1831
Mounted Officer 1833
Portrait of an Officer c1834 Other Ranks c1835
Officers and Other Ranks 1843
Types in Undress 1849 Officer, Review Order 1852
Cornet in Undress, 1857
Officer in Dismounted Review Order c1860 Senior NCOs 1865
Farrier Major 1865
Mess Kit pre-1880 Officer and Trumpeter 1880
Officers in Undress 1880
Mounted Officer 1888 Mounted Private 1880
Lieutenant in Undress c1883
Private, Walking Out Order c1890 Corporal, Stable Dress c1890
Hot Climate Uniforms c1890
Trooper c1898 Marching Order 1897
Officer, Review Order c1900
TSM, Field Day Order 1900 Trooper in Marching Order 1900
Postcard c1900
Watering Horses 1901 Summer Drill Order 1901
Officers, Boer War Uniform 1901
Officers and Other Ranks 1903 Mounted Sergeant and Private 1909
Officer's Collar
Mounted Sergeant 1910 Private c1914
Sergeants 1914
Corporal 1922 RSM and Corporal 1939

Regimental details


by Stephen Luscombe