The 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) Band and Trumpeters

Drummer 1751 Hautbois 1751
Trumpeter 1815
Trumpeters and Drumhorse, Dress Uniform 1838 Drumhorse and Bandsmen, Undress 1838
Trumpeter on Parade 1839
Bandsman and Trumpeters 1842 Band and Drumhorse 1850
Band in Undress 1850
Trumpeter's Undress Cap 1870s Drumhorse 1871
Mounted Trumpeter in Marching Order c1875
Drum Banner c1885 Blue Drum Banner
Trumpet and Drum Banners c1885
The Drumhorse Plumduff 1889 Trumpeter Charging c1890
Mounted Band c1892
Red Trumpet Banner c1892 Band c1896
Drummer Booth and Plum Duff 1896
The Red Drum Banner Bandmaster's Tunic
Trumpet Banner c1897
Drumhorse 1898 Trumpeter, South Africa Kit 1899
Drumhorse, South Africa 1904
Drumhorse Shabraque 1904 Lance Corporal Vile and Trumpeters 1904
Drumhorse Billy 1904
Band in Broderick Caps 1907 The Drums and Band Postcard c1908
Trumpeters, Review Order c1908
Mounted Band, Piershill c1909 Trumpeter, Review Order 1910
Sergeant Trumpeter and Drummer 1920
Boy Trumpeters, India 1924 Band in India 1924
Drummer Frederick Everson 1932
Mounted Trumpeters 1934 Drumhorse Rex 1936
Band in Service Dress 1937
Band at the Coronation 12 May 1937 Musicians 1937
Drumhorse Lairdsburn 1938
Trumpet-Major Joe Goffe 1939 Bandmaster Cecil Ashford Holt ARCM
Drumhorse 1956
Band c1960 Pipe Band 1970
Pipe-Major 1970
Pipes and Drums c1972 Pipe Band, Dundee 2014
Drum Major and Pipers 2016
Drummers 2016

Regimental Details


by Stephen Luscombe