Lieut-General James Barry, 4th Earl of Barrymore

James Barry was the brother-in-law of Sir John Jacob, the former colonel of the regiment. Barry purchased the colonelcy for 1,400 guineas. He fought at the battle of Almanza in 1707 where he was captured. He had Jacobite sympathies and in 1715 was arrested for treason, but after the rebellion was suppressed he was set free for lack of evidence.

1667 Born
1688 Lieut-Colonel, 31 Dec
1699 became 4th Earl of Barrymore, 17 April
1701 First Marriage, to Hon Elizabeth Boyle (3 children)
1702 Colonel of regiment (13th Foot), 15 Mar
1706 Second marriage, to Lady Elizabeth Savage (1 child)
1707 Brigadier-General
1707 Captured at battle of Almanza
1709 Major-General
1710 MP for Stockbridge until 1713
1710 Lieutenant-General
1713 Privy Counsellor, 29 Jan
1714 MP for Stockbridge again, until 1715
1715 Arrested for treason but nothing proved
1715 MP for Wigan, until 1727
1716 Third Marriage, to Lady Anne Chichester (6 children)
1734 MP for Wigan again, until 1747
1748 Died on 5 January

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by Stephen Luscombe