Twomey Badge Collection D

39. 1881-1901 Other Ranks. Brass QVC

40. 1901-04 Broderick cap badge. Brass, with coronet instead of crown

41. 1901-53 Blackened bronze. KC

42. 1901-53 Brass collar badge. KC

43. 1914-15 General Service button on recruit's cap. Brass

44. Undated. General Service button with red cloth backing. For Training Reserve Battalion. Perhaps the backing is a piece of the scarlet dress tunic or undress frock.

45. 1901-15 Officer's gilt cap badge with silver rose and white horse, and gilt and enamel garter. KC

46. 1902-53 Officer's bronze cap badge. KC

47. 1944-46 Plastic badge. KC

48. 1953-59 Other rank's badge, Brass, with Queen Elizabeth II crown

49. 1954-59 Other rank's anodized aluminium badge QEII crown

50. 1953-59 Officer's gilt cap badge with silver rose and enamelled garter. QEII crown. No White Horse.

51. 1953-59 Officer's bronze service dress cap badge. Bronze. QEII crown

52. 1980 to present day. Officer's gilt and silver cap badge. Rose replaced by St George and the Dragon and wreath. QEII crown

53. 1859 to present day. Other rank's bi-coloured anodized aluminium badge. QEII crown.

54. 1990s Black plastic badge for use on active service. QEII crown.

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by Stephen Luscombe