Regimental Band

Piper and Drummer 1885 Drummers and Piper on the March 1886
Piper 2nd Battalion 1890
Piper 1st Battalion 1895 Drummers and Piper on the March 1886
Bugler, Mounted Infantry 1896
Band 1897 Pipers, 1st Battalion, India 1897
Piper, Tirah 1897
Sergeant-Drummer 1897 Pipe-Major 1903
Bass Drummer, c1905
Pipe-Major 1912 Bandsman, Drummer and Sergeant c1912
Drummer 1914
Side Drum post WW1 Piper and Drummer 1953
Pipes and Drums c1954
Drummer c1955 Pipe-Major 1957
Drum-Major's Sash
Drum-Major 1990 Pipe-Major 1990

Regimental details


by Stephen Luscombe