Herbert Lowe Campbell

Campbell was the longest serving commandant of the 9th, a total of 17 years. The next longest commander was Col Garstin (7 years). Campbell took the regiment on their memorable expedition to Malta in 1878, but his position as commandant was nearing its end because in March 1880 he was invalided back to England where he died in August 1881. His uniform is discussed at Field Officer 1866.

16th Aug 1826 Born in Weasenham, Norfolk. Son of Rev C Campbell.
21st April 1844 Entered Bengal Army
13th Feb 1845 Ensign 52nd Bengal Native Infantry
1848-9 Second Sikh War.
Sept 1848 - Jan 1849 Siege of Multan
1849 Action of Surajkhund
21st Feb 1849 Gujerat
29th July 1856 Appointed adjutant of 9th Irregular Cavalry
1857 Siege of Delhi
20th Sept 1864 - 14th Aug 1881 Commandant 9th Bengal Cavalry
21st April 1875 Promoted to Colonel
14th August 1881 Died in England, aged 55

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by Stephen Luscombe