The Yeomanry

The Yorkshire Hussars Yeomanry Uniforms

Other Ranks 1803-1820 Sergeant 1824
Private on Vedette Duty c1840
Yorkshire Hussars, 1846 Officer's Shako 1840-1856
Field Officer, Full Dress 1842
Officers and Men, Marching Order 1845 Officer's Uniform c1845, Cuff Detail
RSM and Private c1850
Officer and Men c1850 Officer, Review Order c1860
Manoeuvres c1870
Knavesmire c1875 Officer's Uniform, Back View
Officers 1871
The Million, 1st Sept 1894 Lendal Bridge, 1894
Mounted Private c1895
Officer's Sleeve Ornaments c1895 Officer's Uniform c1895
Sergeant's Uniform c1895
Officer's Pill-box Cap Sergeant-Major, Review Order 1896
Mounted Officer, 1896
Officer, Stable Dress 1897 Officer's Mess Waistcoat
Sergeant-Major's Jacket, post-1901
Officer's Forage Cap c1906 Military Sunday c1910
Major, Dress Uniform 1910
Officers in Undress 1910 Signallers 1, 1927
Filling Hay Nets 1927
B Squadron 1927 Machine Gunners 1, 1927

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by Stephen Luscombe