Casualties and Final Orders

The Jafrayni forces have been completely destroyed and or routed. They will pose no threat for the foreseeable future. The British have suffered the following casualties:

1 British Infantry Unit (20) 9 KIA (including the Lt and Sgt) 5 WIA
1 Indian Infantry Unit (20) 5 KIA, 2 WIA (including the Lt)
1 Indian Lancers Unit (12) 9 KIA, 3WIA
1 Artillery Piece (4) Intact
1 Gatling Gun (4) Intact

The Medical Orderlies did the best they could, by the end of their efforts the following roll call could be made:

1 British Infantry Unit (10)
1 Indian Infantry Unit (17)
1 Indian Lancers Unit (2)
1 Artillery Piece (4) Intact
1 Gatling Gun (4) Intact

The Lancers Unit had effectively ceased to exist. Facing the prospect of advancing further into the desert without the aid of a cavalry screen, Colonel Adams has decided to take his force back to the nearest town in order to replenish and resupply his forces. That town happens to be Kubtara.

The Battle

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by Stephen Luscombe