Weimar Republic

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Was the Weimar Republic Doomed

1919 - 1924 Question
Online Resources
1919 - 1923
A good overview with some good source material
Kapp Putsch
A mini-biograpy of Kapp himself
Invasion of the Ruhr and Hyperinflation
A brief summary (GCSE level).
Election Results
The complete election results from 1919 to 1933.
Ruhr Red Army
Walther Rathenau
Ernst von Salomon
Reading List
Eberhard Kolb, P.S. Falla
The Weimar Republic
Paul Bookbinder
' Weimar Germany: The Republic of the Reasonable (New Frontiers in History)
Steven B. Webb
Hyperinflation and Stabilization in Weimar Germany

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