The Nile and its Delta
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Pre-Dynastic and Archaic Age
pre 2660 BC BC
Hieroglyphics are being developed
Old Kingdom
2660 - 2180 BC
Pyramids are being built, Papyrus is being used for writing
Middle Kingdom
2080 - 1640 BC -
Improved farming and irrigation of the Nile
New Kingdom
1570 - 1075 BC -
More elaborate tombs and mummification processes: Valley of the Kings
Online Resources
Ancient Egyptians
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Ancient Egyptian Artefacts
See the everyday items that were used by the Egyptians
Ancient Egypt
Good overview of the major periods
The Virtual Mummy
See how the mummification process was carried out
The Ancient Egyptians
Information on many aspects of Egyptian life.
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Clayton, Peter
Chronicle of the Pharaohs
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Ancient Egypt
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Mystery of the Egyptians

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