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776 BC First Olympics held
c750 BC Homer writes Illiad and Odyssey
508 BC Democracy begins in Athens
490 BC Greeks defeat Persians at Marathon
480 BC Greeks defeat Persians at Salamis
432 BC Parthenon is built
404 BC Sparta defeats Athens
338 BC Philip of Macedonia takes control of Greece
336 - 323 BC Alexander the Great conquers most of the known world
146 BC Rome conquers Greece
Online Resources
Meet the Greeks
This site tells you all about the people in the different city states of Ancient Greece.
BBC Ancient Greece
A good overview of Athens and the Olympic Games
The Odyssey Game
Choose one of the characters from Homer's book and see how successful you are
Darius the Great
This is another online game about life in Greece
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Dorling Kindersley
Ancient Greeks Revealed
Dorling Kindersley
Ancient Greek Resource Pack
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Ancient Greece: A journey back in time
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Greek and Roman Mythology

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