Map of Roman Empire
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753 BC Building of Rome begins
510 BC Rome becomes a Republic
c200 BC Roman Empire expands beyond Italy
130 BC Romans defeat Greece and Spain
0 Birth of Jesus
61 AD Boudicca's Rebellion in Britain
122 AD Hadrian's Wall being built
455 AD Vandals sack Rome
Online Resources
BBC Romans
A good and interesting overview of life in the Roman era.
Roman Gods
Pictures and descriptions of the major Roman Gods.
The Romans on Radio 4
This was an excellent Radio series about the Romans - it also has some useful quizzes and resources.
The Roman Empire
This is a very thorough website with lots of information.
The Forum Romanum
Exploring a Roman Market Place
Reference Books
Kelly, Nigel
Living through History: The Roman Empire (Core)
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Ancient Rome
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Greek and Roman Mythology

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