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It was at this point that an adviser to the king, Thomas Cranmer, suggested that if England were independent of Rome, Henry would have the final say in all Church matters. Henry liked the sound of this and so made Cranmer into the Archbishop of '; Text[6]='. Parliament then prevented appeals in Church matters being sent to Rome. The Archbhisop of Canterbury, appointed by the king, was now the head of the Church in '; Text[7]='. The Pope retaliated by '; Text[8]=' Henry VIII and his supporters. Thomas Cranmer granted his king the divorce he wanted - and quickly - as Anne Boleyn was already pregnant by Henry.

Once the break had been made, Henry realised that there were other advantages to being independent from Rome. He looked enviously at the Church '; Text[9]=' of the powerful monasteries. He realised that by closing them all, he could take all their possessions and sell the land to his supporters. This he did and by doing so, he created a group of loyal land-owning Protestant supporters. The last thing that these people wanted was for the '; Text[10]=' Church to return to England and to take all their land back.

Henry VIII was never really interested in the theological reasons for the Reformation. For him, it was a convenient way of overcoming a particular problem and for increasing the '; Text[11]=' and '; Text[12]=' of his nation. In fact, Henry persecuted hard-line Protestants who wanted to bring even more reforms to the Church. He also allowed Catholic teachings to return to the churches in England and for confession to be re-introduced. When he died, he thought that he had been \'a good Catholic.\'

Henry VIII planned for his nine year old son\'s kingship by preparing a Council to guide him. This Council was supposed to be made up of an equal number of '; Text[13]=' and Reformers. In reality, this did not happen. The Reformers seized control of the Council and made sure that Edward\'s policies were firmly '; Text[14]=' in nature. A great deal was achieved in a short time: two evangelical Prayer Books, a new English order of service and the stripping of the remaining Catholic paraphernalia from the churches. Unfortunately for them, the sickly king would die at the young age of sixteen. He would be replaced by his deeply Catholic sister '; Text[15]='.'; State = new Array(); function StartUp(){ var i = 0; State.length = 0; for (i=0; i -1){ var TotalChars = GetGapValue(i).length; State[i][3] = (TotalChars-State[i][1])/TotalChars; if (State[i][0] > 0){State[i][3] = State[i][3]/2;} if (State[i][3]<0){State[i][3] = 0;} State[i][4] = 1; } else{ //Otherwise, add zero to the array and increment the hints for this item, as a penalty State[i][1]++; State[i][3] = 0; //then set the flag AllCorrect = 0; } } } //Calculate the total score var TotalScore = 0; for (i=0; i'; } Output += YourScoreIs + ' ' + TotalScore + '%.
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