The hands of God and Adam
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1341 Petrarch is Poet Laureate in Rome
1411 Donatello carves first Renaissance sculpture
1430 Work begins on Pazzi Chapel
1480 Birth of Venus and Spring Botticelli paints the Birth of Venus and Spring
1501 Michelangelo carves David
1502 Durer uses watercolours to paint realistic hare
1508 Michelangelo tackles Sistine ceiling
1509 Raphael paints Pope's apartment
1510 Erasmus and Humanism
1526 Holbein in Chelsea Holbein pays his first visit to England
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The Renaissance
View the work of Renaissance era artists
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo was an extraordinary Renaissance thinker.
Italian Renaissance Timeline
This is an interactive timeline with most of the important events of the era.
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The Renaissance
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Landmarks of Western Art

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