Trumpeter, South Africa 1901

This photo shows the khaki uniform and equipment of a trumpeter during the Boer War. The 20th Hussars arrived for the war in 1901 but it is not at all certain that this photo was taken in South Africa. The man on the right is firing a carbine which proved insufficient for the cavalry and were replaced by infantry rifles before the regiment arrived. This man has a leather ammunition bandolier whereas the trumpeter has a pouch-belt which had been discontinued for the rank-and-file. He does not have a carbine but is armed with a pistol and sword. His mess tins are strapped to the saddle behind his right leg, and a rolled blanket or greatcoat with a tethering peg is also strapped behind. The boots strapped on the front of the saddle are for wear in camp when dismounted.

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by Stephen Luscombe