Armstrong RML 9 Pounder Mark II

These views of the 9 pounder gun and its limber come from the original gun handbook. The scale is in feet
Courtesy of the Royal Artillery Historical Trust

The 9 Pounder was in service with E/B Battery RHA at Maiwand and with other British artillery units during the Afghanistan campaign. It was a rifled muzzle loader (RML) firing a 9Ibs. 12oz. projectile to a maximum range of 4000 yards. The Charge weighed 1Ib 12oz. giving a muzzle velocity of 1330 feet per second. The weight of the gun on its carriage was 9cwt and when the limber was added the weight drawn by the team amounted to about 35cwt. This meant that the gun could if necessary be manhandled by its detachment over difficult terrain (as below)
Courtesy of the Royal Artillery Historical Trust

A 9 Pounder being manhandled whilst crossing a mountain pass during the Afghanistan campaign of 1880. This is a drawing by RC Woodville, from a Sketch by Brigadier Fane. It appeared in The London Illustrated News of 14th August 1880.
Courtesy of the Royal Artillery Historical Trust

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