Map 3 of Isandlwana Showing Envelopement

The right horn of the Zulu impi came down on the west side of the mountain while the left horn curled around the south of Conical Hill to be stopped by Durnford's NNH and a gun from the RA which was temporarily brought round to help the Natal Native Horse. The defensive line pulled back towards the camp so that the line consisted of:

26. C Coy 1/24th (Younghusband)
27. 4 Coy 2/3NNC
28. F Coy 1/24th (Mostyn)
29. E Coy 1/24th (Cavaye)
30. A Coy 1/24th (Porteous)
31. N Battery/5th Brigade RA
32. H Coy 1/24th (Wardell)
33. G Coy 2/24th (Pope)
34. 9 Coy 1/3NNC (unsure if this company was still there or had retreated over the nek)
35. Durnford with Newcastle MR and NNH
36. 6 Coy 1/3NNC

Pope's G Coy moved towards Durnford's position to assist him but when Durnford's men rode back to the camp, G Coy took up a position just north of the track near the narrow donga, thus leaving a large gap between his and Wardell's company. 9 Coy 1/3NNC was probably dispersed by this time as some reports say that the native contingents left the battlefield.

Zulu War

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by Stephen Luscombe