On 30th July, 1868 the Black Mountain tribes attacked a police post at Aghi, which had been established to curb the lawless behaviour in the area. It was reinforced by Lieutenant-Colonel Rothney and the 5th Gurkhas. The local Khan of Amb aided the British Indian forces but it was decided that additional troops would be needed to carry out a punitive raid on the offending tribesmen.

Troops were called up from the interior of India in order to ensure that the frontier forces were not depleted too heavily - some of the troops marched 600 miles in just 29 days. Two Brigades were formed under Brigadier General Wilde. From the 3rd to the 22nd of October, this force criss-crossed the Black Mountain area and became involved in some small scale skirmishing and destruction of villages.

The photos below were kindly donated by Bruce Anderson. They were taken by a photographer called W. L. Canney who accompanied the expedition.

11th Hussars Band Mountain Artillery
British Infantry Exercise
Indian Support Camp Scene
Food Guests
Indian Infantry
Gurkhas Break Time
River Crossing
River Crossing River Crossing
Camp Scene
Elephant Highlanders
March Order
Entourage Indian Infantry
Camp Scene
Camp Scene Officers

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