13th Dragoons

Captain James Stewart c1767

James Stewart was commisioned into the 13th Dragoons on16th February 1764. He left in 1766 to go on a tour of Italy before joining the 2nd Irish Horse (later 5th Dragoon Guards). He sat for this portrait in Rome. The painter was Pompeo Batoni (1708-1787). The painting is an excellent example of his work and gives us a wonderfully detailed view of the 13th uniform of the period.
The scarlet coat has green velvet facings, the colour they had until 1784 when the uniform of light dragoons was changed from red to blue. The gold lace is grouped in threes on the coat but evenly spaced on the waistcoat. The buttons are covered in gold lace and we have a clear sideways view of them on the right sleeve. He wears a dress sword which is more for show than the more substantial basket hilted sword worn on active duty.

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by Stephen Luscombe