King's Dragoon Guards

Private, 1763

The red coat with blue, waist length lapels is laced in yellow cloth with brass buttons. These buttons are plced in groups of two. The sleeve is decoratively buttoned with six buttons and chevrons, the blue cuff is upturned and slit, a few years later it became sewn in place without the slit. The shoulder-knot on his right shoulder was worn by dragoons and dragoon guards only, not by privates of horse. It's purpose is unclear but over the years it developed into the aiguilette. A few years previously, cavalrymen had crossbelts on each shoulder, one for the cartouche pouch and one for the sword but by this time the sword is carried on a waistbelt under the coat. The musket is secured with a butt bucket and straps to the saddle. He rides a black horse with a docked tail. After 1764 the men's horse had undocked tails but officer's horses continued to be docked.

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by Stephen Luscombe