King's Dragoon Guards

Private, 1812

The new clothing regulations of 1812 introduced by the Prince Regent simplified the coat so that it had no visible buttons. Broad lace went down either side of the front of the jacket which fastened with hooks and eyes. Dragoon guards were distinguished from dragoons by having velvet facings and red patches at the front of the collar. A yellow and blue girdle went round the waist and the white sword belt went over this. The helmet was a much needed replacement for the hat which had not fared well in the Penninsula War for the heavy cavalry. The man shown here wears the first pattern helmet with a red and black crest but this changed a year or two later to the more familiar horsehair mane that was worn at Waterloo. White breeches and jackboots are worn here as he is in full dress, but grey overalls were more normally worn.

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by Stephen Luscombe