King's Dragoon Guards

Officer, 1815

This is how officers would have dressed at Waterloo. The helmet has the horsehair mane. The gold lace on the collar and down the front has a blue 'train' in the middle. It edges the jacket all the way round the skirts and cuffs. The dragoons and dragoon guards were distinuished by the shape of the cuff, the former having pointed cuffs. In full dress, this officer would have a gold lace pouchbelt and white breeches. Here, he has a plain white pouchbelt and grey overalls with gold lace stripe. He is armed with a straight heavy cavalry sword and his two pistols would be kept in holsters at the front of the saddle. The sabretache was starting to be worn by heavy cavalry at this time and was suspended from the sword belt. He has the plain black leather undress version here (see Sabretaches for the full dress version).

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by Stephen Luscombe