Officer's Jacket, 1819 - 1829

The heavily laced, tight-fitting jacket with long tails and high collar was designed for show rather than comfort. The Prince Regent introduced rather dandified uniforms for his army after Waterloo and the heavy cavalry wore this style with an unwealdy helmet of black japanned metal and gilt fittings topped by a high fur crest. The shoulder cords were elaborate with heavy aiguilettes almost identical to those worn today by the Household Cavalry. The lace was silver of vellum pattern (see detail ). The collar is so well laced that the blue velvet cannot be seen. The sleeves are decorated with silver lace chevrons in pairs similar to the sleeves of the jacket worn at the turn of the century (see Officer 1805 ). The tails were long and covered in silver lace (see Rear view ). The jacket would be worn with the silver lace pouchbelt (see Pouchbelts).

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by Stephen Luscombe