Private c1813

There were drastic changes to the uniforms of heavy cavalry in 1812 when the Prince Regent imposed his will on the military authorities. The helmet was criticised for being too similar to the French dragoons and cuirassiers, and the jacket was very plain, having two broad bars of lace down the front edge and along the hems. This lace was yellow with a green central stripe. On formal occasions white breeches with jack boots were worn but on campaign they had grey overalls with a yellow stripe. This illustration shows a green stripe which W Y Carman said was introduced in 1819. Sabretaches were worn by all ranks and the sword was a straight bladed weapon. The illustration very clearly shows his haversack and water-bottle slung over his right shoulder, his mess tins on his rolled cloak behind the saddle, and a white bag of feed for his horse.

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by Stephen Luscombe