Sergeant & Corporal c1832

These figures are from two separate paintings by French artist Dubois Drahonet which are in the Royal Collection. The corporal on the left is demonstrating a cutting movement. The back view gives us a good opportunity to see the full size of the ammunition pouch which is black leather and decorated with the regimental Maltese cross badge. The belt also supports his carbine and we can see the clip which attaches to the bar on the side of his firearm. He also has a black leather sabretache with the same badge. The sergeant has gold chevrons on his right arm only, as does the corporal, and they have brass shoulder scales designed to deflect sword cuts. The green facings are not in evidence because the collars look black. The cuffs are hidden by white leather gauntlets. In the 1830s the trousers were less baggy than in the previous decade and were dark blue with a yellow cloth stripe, although in the summer months white trousers were worn.

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by Stephen Luscombe