Depot Troop 1863

The 7th DG were posted to India from Jan 1858 to Oct 1867 although a depot Troop remained in Canterbury. A photo of this Canterbury Troop in 1863 was published in the Black Horse Gazette naming the officer standing on the left, in frock-coat, as Capt R D O George, and the senior NCO as TSM Donald, seated in the middle. Sergeants Taylor and Miller are also mentioned as are Corporals Porter and Young. A hussar quartermaster stands next to Capt George. The brass helmets have the black and white horsehair plumes although the white is hard to make out; it would seem that at this time it was well hidden beneath the black. The white pouch-belts and sword-belts are worn by those in dress uniform and they have blue trousers, although the poor quality of the photo does not allow us to see if they have leather booting.

The men in undress are wearing stable jackets and pill-box forage caps. These are blue with a yellow cap-band and not so stiff as the later versions. The jacket is scarlet with black collar and cuffs. The corporal standing on the right has a rough-rider spur badge over his stripes and a good conduct chevron inverted on his right fore-arm. In 1881 the good conduct stripe was moved to the left arm. Some of the men have the jackets open revealing either a wide shirt front or fastened at the neck to show a white triangle. Several young bandsmen can be seen sitting at the front.

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by Stephen Luscombe