Officer 1704

The regiment in Flanders at the time of the battle of Blenheim had richly dress officers whose uniforms were decorated with fine gold embroidery and lace. In 1704 the officers of the Royal Scots Dragoons wore blue breeches and blue waistcoats embroidered with gold, the subalterns laced belts and the Quartermasters plain red coats, but the hats of all officers were to be laced. However, in 1709 the officers decided to that for the next campaign they would have plainer clothes that would not be so vulnerable to the weather. A plain red coat and breeches lined with canvas, a canvas waistcoat embroidered with gold, a red housing and holster caps laced gold with crown and cypher embroidered. This illustration is one of a series on the Scots Greys by Christopher Clark.

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by Stephen Luscombe