Corporal, 1866

The uniform in this photo, at first glance, looks similar to the 1860 illustration but the cuffs are now, since 1864, pointed and decorated with a yellow cord Austrian knot as had been worn on hussar and light dragoon uniforms since 1855. The collar is blue with yellow cord around the top and bottom edge. He has stripes on his right sleeve only, two rank chevrons on his upper arm and four good conduct stripes on his forearm. There is no longer a small pouch on the front of his pouch-belt, and it no longer has the leather extension with spring clip for the carbine. The waist-belt with rectangular clasp supports the sword on slings outside the tunic. He is named as Corporal Meikle, photographed in Brighton. The regiment had been posted in England for two years but later in 1866 went to Ireland until 1872. Meikle was a veteran of the Crimea and had the British Turkish and French medals on his chest.

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by Stephen Luscombe