Band Drummer 1866

There are men from all three Guards regiments in this excellent print by J Ferguson. The man in the middle however, is titled 'Drummer Coldstreams, Full Dress'. He is in band uniform rather than being a member of the Corps of Drums which sounds a little confusing. The tunics of bandsmen normally had plain sleeves but this bass drummer has gold lace all the way up except on the right sleeve which seems to display four good conduct stripes. The shoulder wings are blue with gold lace and the button loops on the cuff flaps are gold. The carriage for the drum is round his neck and is of blue cloth with a gold edge. The bass drum has the special pattern Coldstream Guards hoops.

The other men in this group are, from the left, a Grenadier Private in marching order. A private of the Scots Guards in fatigues. Behind our drummer is a Grenadier in barrack guard order. Then the drummer in a strange costume, he is a time-beater for the Scots Guards band. Then a private of the Coldstream in forage cap. The last two are a Sergeant of the Coldstream in fatigues and a Sergeant of the Grenadiers in full dress.

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by Stephen Luscombe