Duke of Gloucester's Band 1811 (plate 2)

This second plate of the 3rd Guards band shows the Master of the Band at top left. He is the most senior member and is of officer status. His uniform differs in that he has a crimson sash round his waist and gold cord aiguilettes hanging from his right shoulder. The red plume on his tricorn hat is slightly taller. He marches with the band and plays a clarinet. Next to him are a bass horn player and an octave flute player. In the top right corner is a small drummer wearing a similar costume to the kettle drummer in plate 1 and the great drummer on the line below.

At bottom left is another clarinet player, then a black tambourine player dressed similarly to the cymbalist. These men look little different to Jean Baptiste 1831 . The costume and turbans are inspired by a band given to the King of Poland by the Sultan of Turkey in 1730. The great drummer and the other two drummers wear similar costumes but the peakless shakos differ slightly in each case.

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