Drummer's Coat c1845

The single-breasted red coat has blue collar, wings and cuffs, and white lace with blue fleur-de-lys, which design was only used in the Guards regiments (line infantry band lace had red crowns). The top of the collar has a white fringe around the top edge. The wings are edged with thinner lace and have large white tufted fringes on the shoulder. There is a white embroidered thistle badge just visible above these tufts.

The lace is in double rows on the sleeves and up the back, and the button loops on the front are in threes. The false pockets at the back are framed with the thinner lace. This framing was removed after 1848. The cuffs are pointed and edged with a single row of lace. The buttons are pewter and have the regimental badge on them, except for the buttons in the middle of the white cloth badges on the turnbacks at the base of the coat-tails. These buttons have a thistle encircled by the motto.

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