Drum-Major 1856

The uniform changes following the Crimean War meant the end of the tailed coat and the introduction of the tunic. This was double-breasted for the officers and men of the regiment but single-breasted for the band and members of the Corps of Drums. The drum-major's tunic included many of the features of the old coatee. The wings were retained and the hanging aiguilette was still there, as well as the gold lace in groups of three across the chest. His badges of rank were four chevrons instead of three on his upper sleeve. The cuff was blue with a blue slash flap instead of red.

The sword is slung cavalry style from a white leather waist-belt with gilt buckle. The drum-major's sash is shown as red here which seems unusual as the pre-1856 sash was blue and the later sashes were blue.

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by Stephen Luscombe