John Hamilton Elphinstone Dalrymple

Dalrymple joined the Scots Guards in 1837. He went to the Crimea with the 1st Battalion and fought at all the battles and was wounded at the Alma. In 1861 the Grenadier and Scots Guards were sent to Canada to protect the border during the American Civil War. Dalrymple commanded the 2nd Battalion on that expedition when they marched through New Brunswick after the Trent affair. He was CO of the Scots Fusilier Guards for a year from July 1863. He was promoted to the rank of General, awarded the CB and appointed Colonel of 108th Foot from 29th April 1875 to 27th Jan 1880 and then 71st Foot from 28th Jan 1880. When the 71st amalgamated with the 73rd to form the Highland Light Infantry he was Colonel of the 1st Battalion until his death in June 1888.

The photo was taken in 1861 and shows him in the full dress uniform of the Scots Fusilier Guards with crimson and gold sash over his left shoulder, and gold sword-belt round his waist. He has no shoulder strap on his right shoulder and his rank badges of a crown and star are on his collar. Only the crown is visible.

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