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Brief History
The Regiment of Ludhiana was relied upon to hold Benares throughout the period of the Mutiny. The 15th Sikhs remained loyal during the Mutiny, although there was some trouble in the Ludhiana regiment. They were stationed at Benares, as were the 37th Bengal Infantry, who rebelled. In the confusion some British guns opened fire on the 15th in error. When this news reached a small Sikh detachment at Jaunpur, they mutinied and shot the adjutant. The rest of the regiment fought loyally with the British throughout the campaign, the Havaldir-Major winning the VC. In 1861 they became the 16th Bengal Native Infantry, being changed shortly afterwards to the 15th.
Post Mutiny
Principal Campaigns and Battles
1861 - 62 China
1878 - 80 Afghanistan
1880 Ahmed Khel
1880 Kandahar
1885 Suakin
Punjab Frontier
Predecessor Units
Regiment of Ludhiana
(1846 - 1861)
15th Bengal Native Infantry
(1861 - 1864)
15th (Ludhiana) Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry
(1864 - 1885)
15th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry (Ludhiana Sikhs)
(1885 - 1901)
15th (Ludhiana) Sikh Infantry
(1901 - 1903)
15th Ludhiana Sikhs
(1903 - 1906)
Successor Units
2nd Bn/11th Sikh Regiment
(1922 - 1947)
Post-Independence Fate
To India
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