Foreign Service


Mediterranean and Red Sea
Amphion Cockatrice Fearless Howe Ramillies
Anson Collingwood Gannet Humber Sandfly
Arethusa Cruiser Gleaner Imogene Sans Pareil
Barham Dolphin Hawke Melita Scout
Bramble Dreadnought Hibernia Nile Surprise
Camperdown Edgar Hood Polyphemus Trafalgar

Channel Squadron
Bellona Immortalite Resolution Royal Sovereign Speedwell
Empress of India Narcissus Rodney

North America and West Indies
Blake Cleopatra Partridge Tartar Terror
Buzzard Magicienne Pelican Tourmaline Urgent
Canada Mohawk

South East Coast of America
Barracouta Beagle Sirius Racer

Champion Hyacinth Nymphe Pheasant Royal Arthur
Garnet Liffey

Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa
Adventure Dove Penelope Racoon Swallow
Alecto Herald Philomel Raleigh Thrush
Blanche Magpie Phoebe Sparrow Widgeon
Blonde Mosquito Pioneer

East Indies
Boadicea Cossack Magdala Pigeon Plassy
Brisk Lapwing Marathon Redbreast Sphinx

Alacrity Esk Linnet Pigmy Redpole
Archer Firebrand Mercury Plover Severn
Caroline Imperieuse Pallas Porpoise Swift
Daphne Leander Peacock Rattler Victor Emanuel

Boomerang Katoomba Orlando Ringdove Royalist
Curacoa Lizard Rapid Ringarooma Tauranga
Goldfinch Mildura

Training Squadron
Active Calypso Ruby Volage

Particular Service
Albacore Banterer Mistletoe Tamar Vulcan
Assistance Himalaya Seahorse Tyne Wye

Surveying Service
Dart Paluma Research Stork Triton
Egeria Penguin

Ordered Home
Acorn Albacore Reindeer
Carysfort Mutine

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