Battle of Khassasin

Colonel Adams found an unexpectedly determined foe in the desert town of Khassasin. What should have been a routine mission turned into a desperate fight for survival. The Colonel won't forget the desert valley of Mush'allak in much of a hurry. The personal courage of Adams himself helped determine the outcome of this battle!

The Outskirts of Khassasin Khassasin from the Plain
The Valley of Mush'allak
Field Force Adams on the March Ambush!
The Infantry Counterattack
The Brink of Disaster! Run Away!
Clash of Cavalry
British Regroup and Reorganise Advance on the Town
Long Distance Firefight
Thunder Alley! Jafraynis Lie in Wait!
Desperate Struggle at the Gates! Damnably Close Run thing!

Initial Forces | Casualties

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by Stephen Luscombe