Desperate Struggle at the Gates!

Flush from victory, the Jafrayni leader could barely restrain his victorious swordsmen. Out they dashed to meet the British infantrymen who had just seconds before watched their fellow soldiers hacked to death. It is to the credit of these hardy souls that they did not turn and run right there and then. Colonel Adams himself, steadied the men as they received the charge. Initially, the swordsmen hacked their way through the infantrymen. The resolve of the British appeared to be waning, with the majority of them seeking cover in nearby dwellings. However, a few of the hardier souls held their positions. Invigorated by the performance of the Colonel himself, the melee continued for an age. Gradually, the numbers thinned out on both sides. Eventually, the entire melee and battle crystallised into a single action, as the warband leader and the Colonel came face to face as the remaining participants! They cut, thrust and parried as the outcome of the entire action hung in the balance. The Jafrayni was just about to deliver his killer slash when the Colonel managed to loose off his remaining round in his revolver.

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by Stephen Luscombe