Damnably Close Run thing!

The infantrymen, fearing that all had been lost, stood increduously as the remaining Jafraynis fled from the scene. Victory had been delivered, but Oh! at what cost! The personal courage of Colonel Adams saved the day. Again, less charitable observers commented that it was down to his own arrogance and under-appreciation of the fighting qualities of his enemy that got him in to such difficulties in the first place. There is probably a germ of truth in these reports. After all, he did find himself on the back hoof time and time again. He fell in to every trap that was laid for him and his forces took heavy casualties as a result. Yet, let us not overlook his own personal bravery that was never found wanting. He led from the front and inspired his troops when they needed inspiration the most. He displayed a particular kind of bravery and one that many lesser men, even Englishmen, may have failed to deliver when it was most critical. His may have been a victory clutched from the jaws of defeat, but it was a victory, nonetheless!

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by Stephen Luscombe