Battle of Ndoboro

Field Force Adams, whilst limping back to Kubtara, has run into yet more trouble. Possibly taking advantage of the weakened state of the British Field Force, 4 warbands from the Nkwati have risen against them.

This time it is the British who are defending their camp. They had made camp on the banks of the river to refresh their water supplies before heading back to Kubtara. Unfortunately, due to lack of cavalry cover, they have poor reconnaisance. The terrain in this area is considered to be Savannah.

The Nkwatis have:

3 Sword Armed warbands (20)
1 Musket armed warband (20)
The British have:

1 British Infantry Unit (10)
1 Indian Infantry Unit (17)
1 Indian Lancers Escort for Baggage Cart (2)
1 Artillery Piece (4)
1 Gatling Gun (4)

The Battle

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